Tuesday, September 6, 2011

More judicial tyranny...

It is extremely important that the issues are understood - when the jurisdiction of the de facto State is challenged they produce absolutely no evidence nor argument to the contrary, they just pretend the question was not asked and turn to the 'chilling effect doctrine'; "Oh you are going to try and assert your rights, well we can't have that, let me dissuade you by punishing you for doing so." Threat, duress, and coercion.

It is time people to wake up to what is going on around us and educate ourselves to what is true and what is false. Give whatever support you can, none of this is free nor is it cheap, but most of all educate yourselves on the facts, learn what it is that we have lost by understanding what natural law is. Ask yourself where did these ideals of unalienable rights come from, what does it mean, how is it that the of the united States of America sought to secure these things first with the constitutions of the respective republics and then the formation of the union.

If we want to secure our future, one of liberty and freedom, we cannot forget our past - the reality is most have bought the lie and have not a clue that they have been enslaved. They are imprisoned with their own minds, by tools of deceit and the enticements of comfort and false peace. Are you willing to take up the animated contest of freedom? Or are you going to cower, licking the hand that feeds you, and holds you enslaved? 

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